Sopbost Electric Cars for Kids

sopbost 6X6 24V Kids Electric Car 4WD
Sopbost 6X6 24V Kids Ride On Dump Truck
sopbost 4x75W Motors 2 Seater Ride
sopbost 6X6 24V 2 Seater Kids UTV
#1 Easy to Use

They are generally straightforward to operate, making them suitable for young children and helping them develop essential motor skills.

#2 Safety

Many electric cars for kids come with safety features such as seatbelts, parental remote controls, and gradual acceleration.

#3 Physical Activity

Operating an electric car can promote physical activity as children engage their muscles while driving, steering, and playing.

#4 Educational

Kids can learn basic driving skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination while operating these vehicles.

sopbost 2024 Kids Ride On Car 24V

sopbost 2024 Kids Ride On Car 24V

sopbost 6X6 24V Kids Ride On Dump Truck

sopbost 6X6 24V Kids Ride On Dump Truck

sopbost 24V 2 Seater Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control Licensed Chevrolet Silverado

sopbost 24V Chevrolet Silverado

sopbost 24V Ride On Toys for Big Kids 4X4 Side by Side UTV 4WD Electric Car 2 Seater Off-Road Vehicles 4 Wheeler with Remote Control for Boys Girls, Spring Suspension, Orange

sopbost 24V Ride On Toys UTV 4WD

Sopbost Electric Ride-On Lamborghini Car for Kids - 12V Battery Powered Sports Car with Remote Control, Hydraulic Doors, LED Lights - Silver Gray

sopbost Ride-On Lamborghini

sopbost 12V 7Ah Ride On Tractor Ride On Car with Remote Control Electric Car with Trailer Battery Powered Ride On Toys Car for Kids Boys Girl, Music Play, Orange

sopbost 12V 7Ah Ride On Tractor

Large Ride On Car Compatible with Benz 12V Battery Powered Electric Vehicles with Remote Control for Kids 4WD Classic Ride on Toys with 2 Seater Parents-Child Ride on Car, White

From $249

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Large Ride On Car Compatible with Benz 12V Battery Powered Electric Vehicles with Remote Control for Kids 4WD Classic Ride on Toys with 2 Seater Parents

What our customers say

A complete hit! Great for the price!

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience with our purchase so far. The assembly was a breeze, and our little one, who is just 2 years old, couldn’t contain her excitement when she first laid eyes on it – her squeals of delight were priceless. One of the standout features for us has been the Bluetooth music capability; the sound quality is surprisingly impressive, and it adds a whole new level of enjoyment to the ride. The 2WD/4WD functionality has been a game-changer in our yard. Even with some small hills in the terrain, the UTV handles them with ease, providing a smooth and adventurous ride for our child. What’s truly remarkable is the battery life; it has far exceeded our expectations, allowing for extended playtime without frequent recharges.

customer feedback


Great quality!

My 3-year-old son received this as a Christmas gift, and it has become an absolute favorite of his. The joy and excitement it has brought into his playtime are truly priceless. In terms of value, we believe it was an excellent investment – well worth the price for the hours of entertainment and adventure it provides. One of the standout features of this power wheel is its remarkable performance, especially when compared to other similar vehicles. Unlike some, this one navigates wet grass just as effectively, maintaining its speed and maneuverability. It’s not just a fair-weather friend; it’s an all-terrain explorer. It’s clear that this vehicle has enhanced our son’s playtime in numerous ways, and we look forward to the adventures it will continue to offer in the future.


Julie D

Granddaughter LOVED it!

We purchased this as the centerpiece of our granddaughter’s Christmas gifts, and it turned out to be an absolute hit – she couldn’t have been more thrilled! At just 3 years old, she hopped right on and was off on her little adventure. The peace of mind that came with the parental control was invaluable; it allowed my son to intervene and prevent any excursions that might have taken her to the end of the driveway. I wholeheartedly recommend this product. It brought immense joy and excitement to our granddaughter’s Christmas morning, and the parental control feature offered a reassuring layer of safety. This gift truly delivered on the promise of fun and adventure, and we can’t wait to see the continued delight it will bring to our little one’s life.


Georgia M

Worth every penny

This mini machine has proven to be an impressive and valuable addition to our family. We decided to gift it to our 3-year-old grandson, and our satisfaction with this purchase knows no bounds. Let me share with you why we are so thrilled with this choice. Speaking of control, the fact that we can easily manage and oversee this vehicle’s movements is a game-changer. The ability to intervene when necessary adds an extra layer of safety and peace of mind, particularly when our little one is at the wheel. In summary, if you’re considering a purchase like this, don’t hesitate. You’re making an investment that’s well worth it. This mini machine delivers on its promises of power, performance, and safety. It’s not just a toy; it’s an exhilarating experience that both kids and adults can appreciate. We are genuinely excited about this purchase, and we believe you will be too. 🥳😎

customer feeback


The car is amazing and the salesman

This car is truly remarkable, and I purchased it for my daughter 15 years ago. I must say, the difference between then and now is like night and day. The advancements in technology and design are astounding. Now, let’s talk about the 24v system – it’s incredibly efficient. I’ve been using the same battery for over a month, averaging about 10-12 hours of usage per day, and it still hasn’t required a charge. It’s only recently started showing a slight decrease in battery level. Any minor issues I encountered were expertly handled by the seller, who provided exceptional customer service. The fact that they extend the return window until January 31, 2024, shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. If I ever need to make this purchase again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. Kudos to the seller for offering such a fantastic product and for their unwavering support. Thank you!

customer feedback



We’re thoroughly pleased with this ride-on vehicle. The battery performance has exceeded our expectations, providing a surprisingly long-lasting and reliable power source. It’s not only functional but also charming in its design, boasting both cuteness and top-notch quality. What’s most impressive is its durability – it handles minor obstacles with ease, showcasing its rugged construction. While there might not be an abundance of space in the back for toys, it hasn’t been a significant concern for us, as the overall performance compensates for it. this ride-on vehicle has been a delightful addition to our family. Its impressive battery life, durability, and charming design make it a standout choice. The remote control feature provides added peace of mind, although the child’s ability to override it should be considered. Overall, it’s a fantastic option for young riders and their families.



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